Get creative at WinterFest

Wow! We've secured a fabulous line-up of local artists and crafters for the WinterFest Arts & Crafts Weekend at Brightlingsea Sailing Club. Check them out here – and book early as the event was very busy last year!

Artist Profiles & Workshop Information

For detailed dates and times and bookings please see workshop plan and contact Julie Taylor-Lange and 07719 315888. Pay the artist on the day –please book in advance! All artists are donating their time and only charge for materials.

Clay Fun with Cally James

Potter’s Wheel

Try and throw a mug on the potter’s wheel! Handles for the mugs will be prepared in advance. 1:1 sessions approx. 30 mins slots so 6 places per session – we also recommend you observe the others before diving in!

Pottery 4 Kids of all ages are invited to come and play with clay – they will be shown how to work with clay and try and build a house or similar either as a decorative object or as a holder for a tea-light. Younger kids welcomed but please accompanied by a responsible adult.

Contact: Cally James


Digital Photography with Colm O’Laoi

Introduction to digital photography:

  • Camera types and benefits
  • What makes an interesting picture?
  • Basic principles of photography

1pm-2pm – Photo walk

Processing your photos

  • Presentation on processing
  • Practical session

Please bring a digital camera or smart phone for the sessions and if possible, a laptop for post-processing workshop. Suitable outdoor clothing for photo walk is essential!

Information: Colm O’Laol


Making your own paper with flowers and herbs with Charles Bran

Details: Workshop & demonstration: how to make your own beautifully tactile handmade paper from plants embedded with flowers and herbs.  Plus get advice and information about making inks from plants and how to make hand-made brushes and pens from natural sources.

Suitable for: all ages. Participants get to take home the paper they make!

Great to make paper for your own art & craft projects.

Lino Printing with Charles Bran

Details: Experiment with lino printing and inks.  Charles will provide some templates for you to print, or bring your own with you OR cut and print your own (older children and adults only)

Information : Charles Bran


Monotype & Relief Printmaking with Judith White

Media: Oil based printmaking ink, plastic plates, found objects and vinyl relief blocks

Monotype is a simple but effective form of print making where the image produced is usually only made once. Using textures & found objects to produce exciting results.

Participants will have the choice of making a Monoprint with different textures or foliage placed on an inked plate, placing paper on top and running it through the press and so producing a print, or they can make a relief print, by cutting into a vinyl block, inking up, placing paper on top and running it through the press.

Equipment provided: Oil based printmaking ink, rollers, printmaking ink, plastic plates, vinyl blocks, cutting tools, gloves, bench hooks, paper, press and press bench, blotting paper printmaking paper

Suitable for adults & children 8yrs + (children 8 -10yrs pls provide adult to support).

What to bring: Sketch book ideas or photos for a simple relief print would be useful, and any textures or foliage that you would like to experiment with - so long as they aren’t too thick. Don’t worry if you can’t find anything as there will be plenty provided. Bring an apron or old shirt, and a plastic bag/folder to protect your work taking it home

Contact Judith White for any further information


Painting & Drawing with Julie Taylor-Lange

Media: drawing and painting media including pencils, aquarelle pencils and acrylic paints

Learn warm up meditation techniques that help you to find a quiet space in your mind! 

We make a warm- up “scribble image” – as a team- then seek images within it that we can develop.

Cubist Drawing and painting: – learn how to divide an object into shapes

Impressionist drawing and painting: learn how to divide an object into blocks of colour and light

Cabinet of curiosities: still life created from objects on loan from the new Brightlingsea Museum

Please bring: Old shirt/ apron/ old clothes that can be stained and don’t matter.  Something to take home your work in.

Contact: Julie Taylor-Lange: 07719 315888


Experiment with Inks -Nicky Sheales

Theme: Ink & mixed media artworks on a watery/coastal inspired theme. Have fun with bright colours and make pictures OR brightly coloured paper for use in other projects (see photos for ideas)

Equipment provided: Inks, watercolour paper, some hair dryers, source & reference material

NB The inks used are strongly coloured, luxuriant & likely to flow into areas not intended. It’s essential to wear old clothes and/or bring apron or old shirt, kitchen roll or rags. Hair dryer too if possible. Colour stains on fingers: wash in warm water & soap.

Info: and


Mixed-media and texture collages with Sheila Martin

Watercolour flowers with a twist

Acrylic and Decoupage (cut paper)

Sheila will offer you the chance to experiment with all kinds of media and collage work to create amazing images. Experiment have fun create 3d images on paper!



Watercolour techniques with Margaret Winter & Maggie Booker

Margaret Winter and Maggie Booker are both well-loved and respected Brightlingsea artists – and members of the famous local Brightlingsea Friday art-group.

Come and just learn and experiment how to work with water colours and explore our amazing local landscape. NO experience required – this is a taster workshop and chance to just have a go.


Make your own greetings card – Papercraft with Sheena McCartney

We have our own papercraft group in Brightlingsea and last year the Winterfest fund helped them buy a press to emboss paper cards. This year they are offering drop-in workshops to make a greetings card of your choice.

A fabulous hobby that we can all do at home – or a chance to join the group – drop in and find out what they do! Accompanied kids are welcome.


Wivenhoe Printworks – John Wallett and Nathalie Eldred

‘Printing at the Edge’: Expressive hand-printing and experimenting with low-tech/non-toxic/found materials, and natural light.

Wivenhoe Printworks is a friendly and accessible art-print workshop in a well-lit ground floor space, about five minutes from Wivenhoe bus and train services. We run a wide range of day, half-day and evening classes in all kinds of printmaking and we always try to make people welcome whether they already have some art experience or are completely new to print.  we run taster’ sessions where people can try out basic printmaking processes before booking a place on one of our day or weekend courses. If you are interested to find out more, or just want to come and look around then please ring us or send an email. We can also arrange custom courses for small groups

Dry point is ‘scratch’ drawing: creating images, textures or patterns on an inexpensive acrylic sheet with a metal point, inking it up and printing the results onto different paper or torn tissue, even onto simple collages.

Cyanotype is really ‘printing with light’ onto specially sensitised paper or cloth, washing gently in tap water... the result: a pure and brilliant ‘blue-print’ of the original image or stencil object giving beautiful effects of light and shade. Cyanotype prints don’t fade and can last for a hundred years.


Each session lasts around one and a half to two hour and begins with a short intro to the materials then gets down to experimentation. There will be some images and interesting objects that people may enjoy drawing or using to create light and shadow effects, but the sessions don’t require any special drawing skills, just an open mind, a sense of fun and a willingness to try a something new.

Bring some clothing that won’t spoil if you get a bit of ink on them... or an apron. And bring a pen or pencil and a bit of paper in case you want to make a few notes on how to do use these simple print processes at home, school or college!



Chainmail crafting – introduction make a bracelet with Mike Beckett

Suitable for everyone, FeMail and Sir(coats)... Make a metal pattern and turn it into a bracelet. Like knitting but with needle nose pliers rather than knitting needles... Like surfing the web it's all about opening and closing links... Just like crochet but without getting so knotted... What a crafty thing to do...

Mike makes modern metal mail.

Please supply pliers, patiently and practically, producing a pattern piece.



Thai decorative carving Roses by the Sea! with Joy Jira

Thai fruit carving is a traditional Thai art that requires neatness, precision, meditation, and personal ability. Fruit carving persisted in Thailand as a respected art for centuries.

It was originally used only to decorate the tables of the royal family.

Please bring Carrot, parsnip, melon or cantaloupe or similar with you (I will have some spares with me)

Equipment provided: Knives, Chopping board, trays, plates, Bowls with cold water


Textile Art with Becky Jackson

Becky is an experienced Textile Designer / Artist with a wealth of knowledge from over 15 years in the Textile design industry.

“I studied Textiles and Fashion in Taunton, Somerset. After graduating with a BA Hons, I worked as a freelance Print designer for London studios.

In 2005 I started working for a Suffolk based Silk Mill, designing woven fabrics. Their customers include Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Burberry. It has been exciting to design for such prestigious brands, and so lovely working for a British manufacture, seeing the fabrics hot off the looms!

15 years later I am still working for the company on a freelance basis. My Husband and I moved to Brightlingsea 5 years ago and we love it here. We now have two children and we think it is a great place to raise a family. It has community spirit about the town that is so wonderful. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the beautiful views across the sea during walks along the prom! So, I started creating my own artwork. 

I have created Seascape paintings, cards, cushions, lampshades, and bunting, padded letters and Initial prints etc. I have been selling my work at craft fairs, in shops and have exhibited in galleries.”

Seascape textile picture:

A very simple and effective method using fabrics and glue. Strips of silk, linen and cotton will be pre-cut in all different colours, patterns and textures.

You will have great fun rummaging through picking out the strips you like to build up layers which will form a wonderful seascape or landscape that will have amazing depth, colour and texture. There will be lots of Seascape imagery available to inspire you, plus of course the fabulous view we will have from the Sailing club!

We will be mounting the pictures onto blank cards, they are versatile cards, suitable for every occasion! 

This workshop is for anyone who likes playing with fabrics, there is no sewing required! The technique is very relaxing to do plus you will come away with a finished 

Textile art picture that can be sent as a card to a friend or put in a frame to keep!

Lampshade painting:

In this workshop you will create a painted lampshade inspired by the sea. This painted technique is easy and fun to do. It creates very interesting results,

It is also exciting to see the lampshade when the light is turned on, the painting takes on a different dimension, they have a lot of depth to them!

We will have the wonderful view of the sea to inspire us from the sailing club and there will be other seascape photos available to work from to capture the colours and movement from the sea and sky.

Drop-in sessions:

Artist Lisa Charrington will be running rock and shell painting sessions suitable for accompanied kids (and adults!) on both days from 10am.  No booking required just drop in and have some seaside painting fun.   Finished objects can be taken home or hidden on the beach "love on the rocks" style.
Papercrafter Sheena McCartney from Brightlingsea Papercraft group will be offering "make your own greetings card" sessions on both days using various techniques such as collage and embossing. No booking required.

Beach School

Great news for those with young kiddies - Juliette Heppell will be running special EXTRA sessions of Beach School at the Brightlingsea Winterfest on coming Saturday 22nd February at Brightlingsea Sailing Club. Sessions start from 10am. Please contact Juliette Heppell Directly for bookings and more information.
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