Welcome to WinterFest

We're banishing the winter blues in Brightlingsea, Essex

WinterFest helps to fight depression by raising spirits and developing a sense of community during the darkest time of the year. 
It’s a serious subject, but we have a lot of fun with a host of music, arts and other events taking place in February.
We support North and Mid Essex Mind and our own Wellbeing Fund.
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Our aims are simple...


To bring people of all ages and cultures together to build community cohesion and resilience...


To promote the arts as a pathway to better mental wellbeing and raise awareness of mental health issues


To showcase local talent, encourage more people to take up a new hobby and join the local clubs and music groups


To support local businesses, especially in the tourism and hospitality industry, helping to boost income

WinterFest Events

Comedy Night

Join the Wivenhoe Comedy Club at this hugely popular event

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Helping the people of Brightlingsea

The WinterFest Wellbeing Fund provides grants of up to £100 to help Brightlingsea residents improve their mental, physical and social wellbeing. 
To apply or find out more about the Fund click the button below.

WinterFest News

August 14, 2020
Wellbeing Fund lends a helping hand

Brightlingsea WinterFest's Wellbeing Fund is giving a helping hand to deserving families and organisations in the town, with the latest round of allocations from money raised at this year's festival. Five community groups are receiving grants of £250 each and 10 families are each being given Co-op vouchers worth £50. The Wellbeing Fund was launched […]

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June 10, 2020
WinterFest gives grants to help Brightingsea

Brightlingsea WinterFest is to make summertime brighter for many families and organisations in the town, with the offer of grants from money raised at this year's festival. A total of £4,000 is to be distributed by the WinterFest Wellbeing Fund, thanks to the success of WinterFest 2020, which took place in February. Eight grants of […]

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February 24, 2020
WinterFest's big weekend is a big success

A fabulous weekend of arts and crafts, music and spoken word has helped to make this year's Brightlingsea WinterFest the best ever.

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February 24, 2020
Brightlingsea goes pancake crazy!

Brightlingsea will be going pancake crazy on Shrove Tuesday with events at two top venues in the town to raise funds for WinterFest.

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What you think of WinterFest

  • "We used to always go out and do stuff as kids - this is an amazing chance to have a winter day out as a family as February is rubbish weather"
  • "The foodbank vouchers meant my daughter and I had a day out - the first since I was made redundant before Christmas "
  • "I have been sober for 18 months and this is the first time I have played guitar in public. My first gig. I loved it and have since been playing in numerous venues. WinterFest gave me the stage and confidence to do this."
  • "I have suffered with bi polar for many years and find socialising difficult. I wanted to support WinterFest but could not attend the other events because of my anxiety. But the dog walk was amazing and I met several new friends. As a result we set up the Brightlingsea Dog Walking club and this is still meeting every week."
  • "Keep going. I think music is a good medium because it talks the language of happiness, and perhaps more so, sadness and mixed feelings. KEEP GOING!"
  • "Having a go at a new hobby - maybe I will now join a group and not be so lonely"
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